The Sounds of Sleep In Nature

Relax to the sounds of nature.

Sea Waves Calm

Euboea is the second largest island of Greece. We recorded this while working on the short film Cavo D’Oro. The film is set in a remote exotic beach where the main character is free-camping. The sea is crystal clear with green and light blue highlights. Amazing place to be in, swim, relax and escape for a weekend or more. Listen to the waves of the Greek sea of Euboea.

Sea Waves Close

As before this is a sound of sea waves up close. It was recorded on the island of Euboea, Greece for the film Cavo D’ Oro. The beach it was recorded is on the southern part overlooking the aegean sea. A true nature location.

Small Waterfall

This sound is a small waterfall which starts from the mountains and ends up in the sea. The river is in Euboea, Greece. It is the same location as the Cavo D’Oro beach, just a few meters away.

Ecuador Choco Jungle Rain Early Morning

One of our team members traveled to Latin America for 6 months. There he was lucky enough to bump into Raul Nieto. The owner of an amazing organisation, ITAPOA RESERVE, with the most brave and beautiful mission. Save the remaining 5% of the Choco Jungle in Ecuador and educate people about the importance of rainforests. With Raul as a guide they walked to ITAPOA RESERVE. 5 hours walking in the jungle to reach a shelter. Surrounded by untouched primary forest. Thousands of different species, Howler Monkeys, Jaguars and the amazing Jungle Soundscape that in its loudness everything can be heard. Listen to this incredible soundscape and travel to the depths of the Rainforest of Choco.

Thailand Koh Phi Phi Don Rain

Once you have experienced the feeling of traveling to an exotic destination you are a traveler for life. Life brought us to Koh Phi Phi Don, a very busy touristic island in beautiful Thailand. Just before the rain season fully kicked in, this is one of the first big rains. Sea waves in the distance and rain falling on the trees around us. Listen to this and smell the green curry cooked by our local cook.

Peru Tres Cruzes early morning

A very tranquil mountain soundscape. Hear the sound of the light wind blowing throught the tree leaves with a few morning birds in the distance. We recorded this sound in Tres Cruzes Peru a true place of nature.

Choco Jungle Early Morning Howler Monkey

A morning in the Rainforest of Choco that I will always remember. How do you know the sun is coming out? The Howler Monkeys will be the first to tell you. Beautifully haunting! Listen to the soundscape of the rainforest of the Choco Rainforest and you will want to go there.

Rio Dulce 6am in Jungle Hotel

If you haven’t been in a jungle hotel you would never know that this is actually one. Build in the swamps of Rio Dulce, 6am in the morning no one is awake but actually everyone IS awake. This is the beauty of Jungle. The morning after an unbelievable ‘tormenta electrica’. Its peacefulness stays with you forever.

Chrisi Island Midday

If you have been to Greece in the summer you will recognise this sound. ’Tzitzikia’ in heat-inspired-trance. Chrisi island is maybe the southernmost point of Greece. In its otherworldly Salt Cedar forest, the cicadas are the primary tenant. Feel the heat and dream of crystal clear sea just a minute’s walk away.

Pelion Bridge of Milies Dawn Chorus

Pelion, the birthplace of the Centaurs. One of the most diverse places I have been to. Near Milies village, on a footbridge bridge, above a stream, 6am dawn chorus. The sounds speak for themselves.

Pelion Kalamaki Village Midday

One of the quieter villages of Pelion. A coffee on a platform overlooking the Aegean Sea. Birdsong, chickens, bees, a tiny bit of wind, the silence of the mountain, and the slowly upcoming rain. As a friend once said, the elegant simplicity of life at its finest.

Ecuador Puerto Quito Jungle Night

Puerto Quito used to be a Rainforest. Now its a town with just of tiny bit of it left. Its the land Itapoa Reserve holds as a base.

Thailand Raylay Night Frogs

At Raylay beach village in Thailand you cannot leave without hearing the frogs coming alive just before the evening comes. Sea waves in the distance and the frogs singing their song all night long.